Python Module Index

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    django.contrib.admin Django's admin site.
    django.contrib.admindocs Django's admin documentation generator.
    django.contrib.auth Django's authentication framework.
    django.contrib.auth.backends Django's built-in authentication backend classes.
    django.contrib.auth.middleware Authentication middleware.
    django.contrib.comments Django's comment framework
    django.contrib.comments.forms Forms for dealing with the built-in comment model.
    django.contrib.comments.models The built-in comment models
    django.contrib.comments.moderation Support for automatic comment moderation.
    django.contrib.comments.signals Signals sent by the comment module.
    django.contrib.contenttypes Provides generic interface to installed models.
    django.contrib.databrowse Databrowse is a Django application that lets you browse your data.
    django.contrib.flatpages A framework for managing simple ?flat? HTML content in a database.
    django.contrib.formtools Displays an HTML form, forces a preview, then does something with the submission.
    django.contrib.formtools.wizard Splits forms across multiple Web pages.
    django.contrib.gis Geographic Information System (GIS) extensions for Django
    django.contrib.gis.admin GeoDjango's extensions to the admin site.
    django.contrib.gis.db.models GeoDjango model and field API.
    django.contrib.gis.feeds GeoDjango's framework for generating spatial feeds.
    django.contrib.gis.gdal GeoDjango's high-level interface to the GDAL library.
    django.contrib.gis.geos GeoDjango's high-level interface to the GEOS library.
    django.contrib.gis.measure GeoDjango's distance and area measurment objects.
    django.contrib.gis.utils GeoDjango's collection of utilities.
    django.contrib.gis.utils.geoip High-level Python interface for MaxMind's GeoIP C library.
    django.contrib.gis.utils.layermapping Spatial data import utility for GeoDjango models.
    django.contrib.gis.utils.ogrinspect Utilities for inspecting OGR data sources.
    django.contrib.humanize A set of Django template filters useful for adding a "human touch" to data.
    django.contrib.localflavor A collection of various Django snippets that are useful only for a particular country or culture.
    django.contrib.markup A collection of template filters that implement common markup languages.
    django.contrib.messages Provides cookie- and session-based temporary message storage.
    django.contrib.messages.middleware Message middleware.
    django.contrib.redirects A framework for managing redirects.
    django.contrib.sessions Provides session management for Django projects.
    django.contrib.sessions.middleware Session middleware.
    django.contrib.sitemaps A framework for generating Google sitemap XML files.
    django.contrib.sites Lets you operate multiple Web sites from the same database and Django project
    django.contrib.syndication A framework for generating syndication feeds, in RSS and Atom, quite easily.
    django.contrib.webdesign Helpers and utilities targeted primarily at Web *designers* rather than Web *developers*.
    django.core.exceptions Django specific exceptions
    django.core.files File handling and storage
    django.core.mail Helpers to easily send e-mail.
    django.core.paginator Classes to help you easily manage paginated data.
    django.core.signals Core signals sent by the request/response system.
    django.core.validators Validation utilities and base classes
    django.db.backends Core signals sent by the database wrapper.
    django.db.models.fields Built-in field types.
    django.db.models.fields.related Related field types
    django.db.models.signals Signals sent by the model system.
django.dispatch Signal dispatch
    django.forms.fields Django's built-in form fields.
    django.forms.models ModelForm and ModelFormset.
    django.forms.widgets Django's built-in form widgets.
django.http Classes dealing with HTTP requests and responses.
django.middleware Django's built-in middleware classes.
    django.middleware.cache Middleware for the site-wide cache.
    django.middleware.common Middleware adding "common" conveniences for perfectionists.
    django.middleware.csrf Middleware adding protection against Cross Site Request Forgeries.
    django.middleware.doc Middleware to help your app self-document.
    django.middleware.gzip Middleware to serve gziped content for performance.
    django.middleware.http Middleware handling advanced HTTP features.
    django.middleware.locale Middleware to enable language selection based on the request.
    django.middleware.transaction Middleware binding a database transaction to each Web request.
django.shortcuts Convience shortcuts that spam multiple levels of Django's MVC stack.
django.test Testing tools for Django applications.
    django.test.client Django's test client.
    django.test.signals Signals sent during testing.
    django.test.utils Helpers to write custom test runners.
django.utils Django's built-in utilities.
    django.utils.cache Helper functions for controlling caching.
    django.utils.datastructures A dictionary that keeps its keys in the order in which they're inserted.
    django.utils.encoding A series of helper classes and function to manage character encoding.
    django.utils.feedgenerator Syndication feed generation library -- used for generating RSS, etc.
    django.utils.http HTTP helper functions. (URL encoding, cookie handling, ...)
    django.utils.safestring Functions and classes for working with strings that can be displayed safely without further escaping in HTML.
    django.utils.translation Internationalization support.
    django.utils.tzinfo Implementation of ``tzinfo`` classes for use with ``datetime.datetime``.
    django.views.static Serving of static files during development.